Welcome to The MarliMakeup Blog!!!

As most of you know I have my own YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/marlimakeup) where I do easy to follow and informative make-up Tutorials and Beauty Videos.

My full-time job is as a Professional Make-up Artist and Hairstylist. My work experience ranges from a variety of shoots! Fashion & Beauty to Lifestyle and Advertising. I work on Television productions/commercials, Fashion films and Short films. Various magazines, Fashion shows and also Weddings. Wherever a face needs to be painted I am there!!!

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa, where I share a wonderful life with the most amazing husband in the whole wide world!

I am an artist at heart!
I love that I can combine Art and my Passion for Beauty and all the wonderful Products that come with it.
I am a true believer in sharing what you learn. To live a full life share what you know and help others grow.

I hope you enjoy all I share!

Both my grannies wanted me to carry their long list of names into the future. My name would’ve read Marie Antoinette Elizabeth Maria..Mmmm luckily my mother refused to have her daughter go through life dragging a list of names behind her. SO, she decided to combine them all…and the end result
But you can call me Marli.