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As mentioned in my post about Dermalogica’s amazing BioSurface™ Peels, we spend so much time going for skincare treatments, we exfoliate and we masque, but all of this always excludes the delicate eye area. I have noticed my eye area starting to age and I was on the hunt to find a deep professional treatment that would be suited for the eye area.

Enter Dermalogica’s microZone treatments. The microZone treatments are 20min target specific treatments! They have a great selection of targeted treatments that are all done in just 20min with noticeable results. Perfect before your big event or during your lunchtime break.

I booked myself for the Eye Rescue microZone at the Dermalogica concept store in the V&A Waterfront.

My lovely therapist was Roxanne. She took me through a basic questionare on my skincare needs, concerns and a bit on my general health and the treatments that I have had done recently.

We then moved through to the microZone area

IMG_5549    IMG_5548

She started by gently removing my eye make-up with a make-up remover, and then the Dermalogica double cleanse. She then did face mapping to determine what my main concerns were. My eyelids were dehydrated and showed some sensitivity (too much rubbing on my part due to allergies). Using the Daily Microfoliant mixed with water until a foam consistency (not a paste) which is the safest consistency, especially for use around the eye area. She gently exfoliated around the eye area, not on the eyelids.


Daily Microfoliant R850 for 75g

After the exfoliating she cleaned it off and gave me the most relaxing face massage with a professional additive, basically a massage oil. With my eyes closed she had me breathe in-and-out 3 times through my nose. The oil smells like Lavender, so it immediately reset me into relax mode. The attention to detail is amazing! She really focused on making me feel super relaxed with each touch and each step.

She cleaned off the oil with a warm face cloth, and then applied a thin layer of the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque over the entire eye area, including the lids. This Masque contains Vit A, C, E and Liquorice(decongestant, reduce puffiness and dark circles). This Masque can also be used at home, and all over the face. Be sure to only apply a thin layer on the eyelids.

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque R690 for 75ml

Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque R690 for 75ml

She then placed a sheet of gauze that was soaked in the Anti-Oxidant Hydramist over the entire eye area. The Hydramist has extra anti-oxidant benefits and preps the skin for better absorption.


Antioxidant hydramist R610 for 150ml

Antioxidant Hydramist R610 for 150ml

Now it was time to apply the Contour masque. The Contour Masque is a professional product that can only be applied by a professional. It has a rubbery texture and contains Calcium & Silica to strengthen tissues, and Vit C repair ageing. She gently applied this masque over the entire eye area. It has a Cooling, Invigorating sensation with a Vacuum effect, ensuring maximum absorption of all the ingredients. This masque firms and contours the eye area. It felt slightly heavy and tight, and was left on for 5-8min before she gently peeled it off.

IMG_5553      IMG_5556      IMG_5557

After gently cleaning the eye area she applied the Multivitamin Power Firm Eye-cream which I was very pleased to learn can be applied all-over the eye area, even on the lids. Just remember to always be gentle! Gently tap it onto the eye area and lids with the ring finger. This eye cream contains a silicone that forms a protective net on the skin, keeping all the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. It also contains anti-ageing and repairing Vitamins A,C,E  and red seaweed to help firm the skin and fight ageing and free radicals.

Multivitamin Power Firm R740 for 15ml

Multivitamin Power Firm R740 for 15ml

The results: My eyes felt and looked instantly hydrated. The puffiness from the allergies was gone and my eyes felt refreshed. Those tiny fine lines were less as my eye area was more hydrated and plump.

To treat a main skincare concern it is recommended to have the microZone treatment done every 2-3 weeks. For maintenance 1 month.

All the microZone treatments are R280 per treatment. Dermalogica’s Concept store at the V&A Waterfront also has a lovely new treatment room with different lighting options for you to choose from, I love personally love the blue and purple. They also have a great ‘menu’ of full skin care treatments available.


The tranquil treatment room


Your very own space for all your personal goods

The Best cupboard in the world!!!!

  IMG_3867   IMG_3866

 Hope this helps you find your way to fewer fine lines, dark circles and puffiness 😉



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