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The Anti-Ageing power of Retinol

Some months ago I attended the launch of Optiphi’s two new serums- Intense HA Infinity Serum (The skin quenching Re-Plumper) and Intense Retinol Infinity Serum (Concentrated Cellular Rejuvenator)

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This launch was one of the most educational launches I have ever been to. We all left their inspired to share the wonderful knowledge we had gained. So here goes.

Did you know that 10% of ageing is genetic, and 80-90% is self inflicted! That is a scary, but also a hopeful thought. If something is self-inflicted then surely we can do something about it?!

Let’s start by looking at the 7 Signs of ageing:

  • Dehydration (Dehydrated skin can not function properly)
  • Impaired Skin Barrier Function (Skin is not protected from the elements)
  • Uneven Skin Pigmentation (Sun damage and liver spots)
  • Loss of Skin Firmness (Less Collagen)
  • Increased Skin Roughness & Wrinkles (Slower cell turnover)
  • Enlarged Pore Size (Break down of skin support, impaired barrier function, less oil production)
  • Erythema/Redness (Inflammation and sensitivity)

Optimal cell turnover of skin is said to be 28days, but as we age our cell turnover (the rate at which our cells renew themselves) slows down to 40, 50, 60 and even 70 days! Our skin secretes less oil, less collagen, and elastin breaks down, leaving us with no more skin support. Our “fat padding” fades away and we have loss of volume. It is said that at age 30 we lose 1% of collagen per year!


This is where Retinol steps in. Retinol is a powerful anti-oxidant, and if used in a high quality form it works deep within the skin, rejuvenating the skin on all levels. It is the only active that can completely reverse photo damage. It normalizes the skin so that oily skin becomes less oily, and dry skin less dry.  It stimulates Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid production, revitalizing cells from within.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from including a good quality Retinol Serum in your skincare regime:

-Reduces hypermigmentation

-Assists with complete rejuventaion of the skin

-Restores photo-damaged skin

-Stimulates protein synthesis

-Normalizes sebum production


-Improves cellular turnover

-Improves the appearance of fine lines and  wrinkles

-Improves barrier function

The proof is in the product! I have been using the Optiphi Intense Retinol Infinity Serum and have noticed a huge improvement. VERY IMPORTANT to know about when starting to use a Retinol serum you need to take it easy. Slowly introduce your skin to the high dose of VitA/Retinol. I started by applying it once every 4 days and then working my way up to using it once daily. If you prefer you can work up to using it twice a day, in the morning and evening. This ONLY applies to this Optiphi Serum as it is a pure medical grade form of Retinol that won’t cause sun sensitivity. DO NOT use other VitA/Retinol skincare products in the day unless it is recommended! They can cause sun sensitivity, increasing photo-damage.


 RRP: R1095 for 30ml. Available at selected salons and skin centres.


TIP: When it comes to using anti-ageing skincare it is very important to keep your skin Hydrated! If your skin is dehydrated, anti-ageing products can not be absorbed properly and used effectively by your skin.

A bit more about Optiphi

Optiphi is proudly South African. Optiphi belongs to Skin Rejuvenating Technologies which is part of Southern Medical , a company that manufactures medical implants. They also develop products for wound care used in theater and some over the counter wound care products as well. They also have a tissue laboratory which is used for Skin Rejuvenation Technologies’ research. All Optiphi products get tested and developed on actual human tissue. No animal testing!

This is what I love most about Optiphi, the medical background and development! They use pure medical grade ingredients in their products, no cosmetics ingredients, no animal derivatives, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphate. Their packaging is airless and lightless, insuring all ingredients stay stable and active. On top of all of that their ingredients are environmentally friendly. They don’t believe in layering products. They develop their products to be multi-purposed, and their products can slot into ANY existing skin care regime.

For more about their Intense HA Infinity Serum and why it is so amazing, other tried and tested Retinol serums, and more on other fantastic serums Click Here



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