The Beauty Industry REVOLUTIONIZED like never before

Imagine browsing the internet..let’s say you are looking at exotic birds (as one does), and you spot the most amazing blue on one of it’s feathers. This blue isn’t really a Cobalt or a Turquoise, but it’s also not Indigo. It is amazing, and you want to own this colour as an eyeshadow, but where do you start hunting around for this specific blue?! OR you are watching one of my kick-butt make-up tutorials and you see me use a, for example, lipstick that is to die for, but you KNOW that it is way too expensive for your budget?!

Look no further than your new best friend and genius hero, Grace Choi, who is single handedly revolutionizing the beauty industry and putting the power in our hands, the consumer.

She has created a 3D desktop printer that will enable you to download ANY colour key from the internet and create your own eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, name it!

I am so excited I want to scream cry!!!!

Have a look at this video showing her presentation of this mind-blowing device:

Print Your Own Makeup With Mink
The Mink is set to retail at $300 (Approx R3100). The price of the colours and raw materials are not available yet, but from the video we can assume that it will be affordable.
This is a very new product and it is not available yet. To stay up-to-date sign up on the website

Here’s to the future of Beauty!!! **Clink**

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