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In My Pro Kit

Everything that I keep in my Pro Kit   A series of 8 Videos unpacking my entire makeup artist and hair stylist kit… makeup brushes, foundations, eye makeup, my favourite mascaras and lashes…EVERYTHING! I hope you enjoy this series! And as always any questions are most welcome 😉 XxX Marli

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Colour Treated Hair Rescue

The journey of a woman and her hair is very unique one I, as I am sure many other women can relate, just never seem to learn my lesson. I personally strive to have a healthy, thick and glossy head of hair. That said I also have those completely irrational urges (inspired by utter boredom […]

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My New Hair with Savas Hair

Savas Hair – A Hidden Gem I usually do my own hair, mainly due to some really bad experiences I have had in the past. But there are certain things that I just can’t do on my own, for example, advanced hair colour! I was itching for something complicated and new, and the only trustworthy […]

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MY NOVEMBER FAVOURITES I can not get enough of Dove’s products!!! I have never been disappointed with any Dove purchase. I love that their products aren’t too scented, too heavy, too rich or too oily, and that they are packed with moisture. See below as I share a bit more on each product FOR THE […]

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Dry Hair Rescue

Rescue your locks with these affordable Hair Treats Whether you are stuck in a dry Winter or you have spent too much time outdoors in the wind and sun, your hair always takes a beating! That is not even mentioning all the heat styling we expose our poor locks to. I am guilty of all-of-the […]

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