CHANEL Chance Eau Vive

Chance is a whirlwind. A moment to be seized. To hold in your arms.


This ad is one of my absolutely favourites from this year. Since it’s release I have been watching it again-and-again, just to spark that sense of adventure and creativity. It perfectly captures the sense of momentum, that intense energy you feel when you go ahead and take that Chance. The Chance that brings a sense of boundless dynamism. Like Mademoiselle Chanel often used to say, “Chance only comes to those who know how to recognize it, carried by a gust of optimism.”

With that, we welcome CHANEL’s latest edition to the Chance family, Chance Eau Vive.

Chance Eau Vive
An energizing sensation

Chance Eau Vive EDTA gorgeously feminine fragrance! I fell in-love with this fragrance at the very first sniff. Treasured in the elegant and sophisticated Chance bottle, this fragrance immediately stole the girly, adventurous part of my heart.

A floral-zesty fragrance with an explosive character. Like a radiant boost of vitality, it opens on a fresh burst of citrus to reveal a delicate heart of jasmine and white musk on an elegant base of fresh vetiver, cedarwood and iris.

Top note: Grapefruit

Mid Notes: Jasmine and White Musks

Base note: Fresh Vetiver (a grass), Cedarwood and Iris


“A creation that gives momentum, like the intense energy that drives those
born under a lucky star. A vitality that is not fleeting, but rather a source of
boundless dynamism.”


RRP EDT 50ml R1095 100ml R1565


Does Chance Eau Vive sound like your kind of fragrance? Not sure? ..Let me introduce you to the rest of the CHANEL Chance Family



A manifesto of optimism

Chance EDTCelebrating 12 years with CHANEL, the CHANCE fragrance is a joyous
olfactory score that has been a fountain of inspiration for the Brand’s
Fragrance Laboratory. This was the first fragrance from where the Chance family was born.

A happy floral fragrance combining pink pepper, jasmine, amber and patchouli. In turn floral, woody, spicy and musky

Top note: Pink Pepper

Mid notes: Jasmine, Hyacinth, Iris and Musk

Base note: Amber Patchouli


“The CHANCE fragrance flaunts a permanent smile. A way
of cherishing every second as if it were the best of your life. A manifesto
of optimism.”


RRP Parfum 7.5ml R1800

EDP 35ml R970 50ml R1355 100ml R1930

EDT 35ml R1095 50ml R1565 100ml R1230


 Chance Eau Fraîche
A splash of good luck

Chance Eau Fraiche EDT

The first offshoot of the CHANCE fragrance, created in 2007. Naturally the fragrance shares the major accords of its predecessor, the original CHANCE, but freshness is at the heart of this fragrance. This interpretation is like taking a dizzying dive that grips the senses with an intense freshness!

A floral-sparkling fragrance where a delicate jasmine meets the freshness of lemon

Top note: Citrus

Mid notes: Jasmine and Musk

Base note: Dry teak wood


“A shiver of happiness like tiny bubbles of water that brush
against the skin and rise to the surface…”


RRP EDT 50ml R1095 100ml R1565


 Chance Eau Tendre
A tender cocoon

Chance Eau Tendre EDT

Created in 2010 CHANCE EAU TENDRE is a fragrance for dreamers. A heartwarming
interpretation, an authentic declaration of softness, that believes in better

Delicate, elegant, feminine. A cashmere sweater you love to curl up in. A soft scarf that soothes the senses.

Top note: Grapefruit and Quince

Mid note: Jasmine and White musk with an added fruity accord

Base note: Musk


“A feminine and delicate fragrance that makes you want to indulge in tenderness.”


RRP EDT Spray 50ml R1095 100ml R1565


With Love



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