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The journey of a woman and her hair is very unique one

I, as I am sure many other women can relate, just never seem to learn my lesson. I personally strive to have a healthy, thick and glossy head of hair. That said I also have those completely irrational urges (inspired by utter boredom with what healthy says) to try something different! You all know exactly what I mean right? 🙂

First I wanted PURPLE hair! This is something I had been wanting to do for a very long time. So I went ahead and gave it a go, by myself, at home. Yes, I do admit not the best idea! I went ahead and bleached my hair to an almost white finish and then used Manic Panic. The results are below.



The colour was not as bright as I wanted, because this is the kind of thing you REALLY should have professionally done, but it provided me with some fun for a week or two. It also helped me realize that my hair is just to thin and fine to sport bright fun colours AND bright hair colours are extremely high maintenance!

Once the colour had faded I decided to go to a salon and get my hair professionally done.

 IMG_9018   IMG_9009

We went for Balayage. Personally I am not the biggest fan of a golden blonde with my skin tone, but it sure looked a lot better than when I had walked in there with my faded purple hair.

When I got home I noticed my hair still had a green tinge from when I had the purple in. Can you see it?


As you can see in the pic above my hair has been really damaged by this stage! I didn’t want to add more colour, but this green was not acceptable. I hit Google, and Google said Tomato sauce is my solution. So disgusting but so worth it! I slathered it all over my hair and cling wrapped my head. Waited 30 mins and washed it our with shampoo, and conditioned my hair as per usual. Look at the difference below. No more green, and the blonde bits are actually darker! The citric acid helps to remove the mineral build up, and the red pigment in the tomato sauce counter acts the green and some of the yellow pigments.

 IMG_9029   IMG_9034

Now the journey started to get my hair back to good health.

A Sulfate-Free Shampoo is an absolute must in your journey to restoring health to your hair. Sulfates strip your hair, weakening bonds and removing all moisture, therefore increasing breakage. I have been using Loreal Professionnel Vitamino Delicate Color Sulfate Free Shampoo. This shampoo gently cleanses and protects your hair, also helping the colour last longer. I do need to use a bit extra to get my hair clean, but I love that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling squeaky and knotty.

RRP 250ml for R215.00

Available at Salons

VitaminoCOLOR_ShampSulfateFREE250For Conditioner I have been using the sister to this shampoo, Loreal Professionnel Lumino Contrast Masque. A lovely moisturizing masque that does not leave my hair feeling and looking heavy. This masque works at replenishing the hair fiber and helps combat lipid loss. I use it in the shower after shampooing. Make sure to gentle squeeze out as much water from your hair as possible before applying the masque to allow for better absorption.

RRP 200ml for R283.00

Available at Salons


With my hair being so damaged I do unfortunately need to heat style my hair to get rid of all the frizz and fly-aways. To protect my hair I have been LOVING the Loreal Elvive ExtraOrdinary Oil. I use it both at home and in my kit! You can use it before shampooing to nourish your hair, before blow drying to protect your hair or as a leave-in treatment for smooth and shiny hair. I love how this product is suited for all hair types and doesn’t leave my hair looking oily/greasy. This has been one of the most versatile products in my hair styling kit!

RRP 100ml for R169.99

At Dischem it is currently R139.00!

  loreal-9654-07176-1-zoomI hope this has helped all you fellow hair dying junkies out there 😉

Lots of love




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