My Current TOP 5 Mascaras!

If I had to, if I had no other choice and I had to pick only one make-up product, it will definitely be Mascara!

I can do the most amazing, glamorous make-up look on a model, but without mascara it will look like nothing! Mascara instantly finishes off your make-up and makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. I have met many women that refuse to wear mascara because for some reason they just hate the stuff??? This is the moment when my head starts spinning and I stare back at them unable to speak 😉

I do understand that mascara is not always the easiest product to apply, I too sometimes end-up with mascara on my eyelids in the morning. It is also hard to find a good mascara, and one that doesn’t clump, flake or smudge half way through the day.

So first, here are some tips on how to apply mascara:

1. Make sure your mirror is not at the same height as your eyes. I know you are all probably thinking “What?” because that is the way all our bathroom mirrors are right?! Since I started doing my Make-up Tutorials on YouTube I noticed how much easier it was to apply my mascara mess free! This is because my mirror sits on a table below my eyes and I look down instead of straight ahead when applying my mascara.

2. Remove all the excess product from the mascara by scraping it on the side of the opening of the tube (so that the mascara is scraped back into the tube) before applying, especially if the mascara is new. Too much product on the wand will add too much product to your lashes and result in a big mess.

3. When you apply your mascara Zig-Zag from root to tip.

4. If you do end-up getting mascara on your eyelids wait for it to dry, once it is dry gently rub it off with the tip of a dry cotton bud, or smudge it into your eyeliner/eyeshadow if you are wearing darker eye make-up.

5. Don’t overdo it by applying too much mascara.

6. Make sure to cover your lashes from root-to-tip!!! This will make your lashes look thicker! Please girls, it looks terrible when the base of your lashes is still covered in eyeshadow.

If you don’y have the longest lashes and really want to be able to get your lashes looking long and luscious, without applying falsies, then see my video below where I share a technique that will give you exactly that!

Now back to the difficult part of how to find a good mascara. When buying a mascara the brush is the most important part to look at. The formula is also important, but the brush will ultimate give you the look that you desire. In the video above I also show you the difference between the brush bristles and how to know what the brush will do for your lashes.

I tried and tested many mascaras and chose My Current Top 5 to share with you. These mascaras were all used on their own without combining brushes, an eyelash curler or other mascaras. I will share the countdown from No 5 to No 1 everyday of the week!

So pop by again tomorrow to see which mascara made it to No. 5 and why.

I hope you got some great tips and advice on mascara in this post. Feel free to leave me your questions in the comment box.



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