Dry Hair Rescue

Rescue your locks with these affordable Hair Treats


Whether you are stuck in a dry Winter or you have spent too much time outdoors in the wind and sun, your hair always takes a beating! That is not even mentioning all the heat styling we expose our poor locks to.

I am guilty of all-of-the above. As winter hit Cape Town my hair suddenly reached the next level of DRY! Horrified and desperate I wanted to find something that I can use at home, and that won’t break the bank.

DOVE Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care

A Deep Repair, in-shower, Treatment Mask.

I started using this mask twice a week as my Conditioner after shampooing, and then later on once a week. I only needed to use a small amount, a blob approximately the size of a R5 coin. This rich formula spreads beautiful! I massage this gently into my hair and also my scalp (usually I would only apply it to my ends to avoid a greasy looking scalp). They recommend leaving it on for 3-5 minutes, I did no-less than 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes simply rinse and dry your hair as usual.

I have tested many masks of various kinds! With most of them I find that they struggle to rinse out leaving a heavy residue, making my hair soft but flat, heavy or appear oily/greasy. This mask washes out gently and leaves my hair soft, but not flat, even at the roots. I have to mention that I have fine hair! Anything with an oil finish is a big no for me 🙂 That said this mask contains a unique blend of Nourishing, non-greasy, almond and mineral oils. These oils are rapidly absorbed to deeply nourish and replenish essential nutrients. This mask also gives your hair a delicious, soft, sweet but feminine smell.

All-in-all this mask gets a big thumbs up from me!

Price: R71.95 for 200ml available at Clicks and Dischem


DOVE Hair Therapy Colour Radiance Leave-in Conditioning & Care Spray

A Dual Formula, part of Dove’s Damage Solutions range, that helps to prevent colour fade and maintain shine.

This product has made it’s way into my Favourites pile! It is weigh-less formula that leaves no residue. It can be applied on wet or dry hair, followed by your usual styling. I have been applying it after straightening my hair, and sometimes mid-day for a moisture and shine boost. You need to give it a good shake before spraying the fine mist onto your hair. I would recommend spraying from about 20-30cm away for an all-over fine mist. When needed though I do spray it close-up onto my ends, or wherever needed. On first application it might appear a bit wet, but just brush through your hair and give it a moment to absorb. I only use this when I feel needed, but it can definitely be used on a daily basis.

The dual formula spray works on two-levels. One layer contains Fibre Actives proven to penetrate into each hair fibre for glossy hair, while the other layer has UV-filters that helps to prevent colour fade, and offcourse protects your hair.

The end result is smooth, shiny hair!

Price: R71.95 for 200ml available at Clicks and Dischem

Let me know what your favourite hair rescue products are? I also love a good Organic Coconut Oil slathered all-over on my “dirty hair” days, where my hair is scraped back into a tight bun!

With love



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