Dry Skin Rescue

Cold Winter Weather brings us many cozy nights spent indoors in front of fireplaces and heaters. It also brings us the occasional sniffs, and if we are not so lucky the flu

All of the above can wreck havoc with our skin! I am sure you will all agree when I say that Winter=Dry Skin. So every winter I change-up my skincare routine a bit, adding a few easy products here-and-there to help my skin survive. I still stick to my everyday skincare routine and products, but I will use a different face cream every second night, or face wash etc. I find this wakes-up my skin from it’s normal routine, and the products I use give my skin an extra pump of much needed Hydration! Below are the products that I have added to my winter skincare regime.


BIONIKE Defence Hydra5 Radiance SPF15- R139.95 for 50ml Available at Dischem

ALL BioNike’s products are Nickel Tested ; Preservative, Fragrance and Gluten Free, making their range the perfect products for absolutely anyone, especially those suffering from sensitive skin, allergies, acne, rosacea..etc. I have been adding this specific face cream as my day cream. A thin cream that spreads well and absorbs easily. The key ingredient for me is the Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful Hydrating ingredient! It also contains Anti-oxidants that protect your skin against free-radicals, helping to prevent ageing.

DERMALOGICA Essential Cleansing Lotion- R480ย  for 250ml Available at selected Salons

This is a non-foaming, rich, creamy cleanser especially made for dry skin. If you have been following my blog you will know that I personally favor a gel, foaming cleanser. This cleanser has been a real skin saver for me though. It removes all the make-up and dirt from the day, but leaves my skin feeling plump, refreshed, cleaned and moisturized. I must also just add that the rich creamy texture feels incredibly luxurious, and is an absolute treat at the end of a long day ๐Ÿ˜‰

MAC Fix+ – R235 for 100ml Available at all MAC stores and counters

I have been using and loving this product for many years. An absolute must-have for my professional make-up kit, this aqua spritz is a miracle in a bottle. It can be used before make-up for added hydration, after make-up to set it, or during the day for a kick of refreshing hydration. I have experienced first hand how this product can instantly pump moisture into the skin. When a model or actor has dry skin, I will spritz a generous amount (not soaking them though ๐Ÿ™‚ ) onto their skin, allow it to settle, and then apply make-up. I can definitely see an instant difference! My make-up goes on beautifully, their skin looks and feels more hydrated and radiant, and the make-up lasts longer. Spritz it from about 30cm away, and move in passes from top to bottom. It contains a blend of calming cucumber, green tea and chamomile with Fix+ ‘s distinct fresh, natural and energizing scent of Sugi.

GARNIER Hydra Match- R69.95 Available at Clicks and Dischem

This moisturizer is part of a range of skincare products from Garnier, including cleansers, toners and face-wipes. There are 4 ranges available grouped into each skin type to provide maximum results. This specific moisturizer is from the range for Dry to Very Dry Skin. I have been incorporating this moisturizer into my winter skincare regime in the evenings. It is a luxurious rich balm that is fast absorbing and non-greasy. It contains a blend of nourishing Omega 3&6 and Shea Butter. The key ingredient is Camelia Oil to really soften and smooth the skin. This moisturizer definitely gives my skin a moisture boost and leaves it feeling nourished. It is also Paraben Free!

SENSAI- Sensai Silk Moisture Supply Eye Cream- R1170 for 15ml Available at Sensai counters

This eye cream is definitely a luxury item that gives wonderful results! A very rich, ultra-smooth formula recommended to be applied whenever needed, morning, evening or even during the day. It instantly relieves dryness and fatigue. I have been using this Eye Cream in the evenings as it is quite rich. When my skin is wracked by winter and dry, those little wrinkles around my eyes start becoming more visible. This Eye Cream sorts them out in one application by adding moisture to the area, and therefore plumping the skin. Moisture Moisture Moisture! This is what SENSAI believes in, and I agree. When the skin is hydrated it can function healthily!

Always remember to exfoliate, all year round, 3 times a week! Amongst other things, exfoliating helps that the products you apply get better absorbed.

Hope this was helpful!

Lots of love



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