Easter Weekend


I hope you all had a fantastic Easter Weekend!!!

On the Saturday of the Easter Weekend my husband and I went on a fishing day trip just outside of our beautiful Cape Town!

The above picture is a panoramic I took of our surroundings on our hike to the river..isn’t it just breathtaking?!

This river is called the Smalblaar in the Du Toit’s Kloof valley. We often come here for a day trip, just to spend the day wading through the river, trying to catch a fish or two, sunbathing on the rocks and taking a refreshing dip. The Best part is that we have an entire section of river reserved just for the two of us.

With crystal clear water, the sounds of nature and the river flowing, towering mountains and warm sunshine we couldn’t have spend our day any better!!!

In order to fish at this river you need to be a member of the The Cape Piscatorial Society , or get a day pass from them. The river is in the Limietberg Nature Reserve and therefore you will need a Wild Card to enter. You also need a Western Cape fresh water fishing licence.

Yes this river is tightly governed! Only one guest is allowed per member/pass. The fishing on this river is fly-fishing, strictly catch-and-release. We also fish with barbless hooks. Sometimes this makes you lose the fish once you’ve hooked them, but rather that than harm the fish.


In the above pictures we are walking on the road to find the “path” that leads down to the river. I say “path” because it was a 30min hike down to the river and a complete Bundu Bashing experience. We had fun to say the least! Amongst the bushes there are beautiful ‘fire balls’ of Protea flowers in the midst of all the green. The picture far right is me, and behind me way at the bottom you see the river curving.


This picture above is another Panoramic I took when we were down in the river. I have to say I feel most at home when I am in nature. I feel like my soul gets a re-charge and life makes sense again.


Our HERO of the day..my BioNike sunscreen!

BioNike (pronounced bio-nee-kay) is a fantastic brand that is specifically made for anyone that suffers with skin allergies, has sensitive skin, and suffers with various skin conditions such as acne, rosacea etc. Offcourse anyone can use it and benefit that their products are completely free of allergens. ALL BioNike’s products are Nickel tested ; Preservative free ; Fragrance free ; Gluten free. They also have a fantastic make-up range.

My husband is not one for creams and lotions, and he hates the feeling of product on his skin. So I asked him why he loves this sunscreen: “It doesn’t leave your face all white, it’s non-greasy and it absorbs quickly. It is also easy to apply, especially when there is a wife around.” So there you have it, a wonderful sunscreen for the whole family 😉

200ml Spray bottle for R179.95 available at Dischem.


Now you are probably wondering if we caught any fish???

My husband did! He caught one, and I just missed one.




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