Elegant Touch-My Favourite False Nails

So many options and so much FUN!!!

I was first introduced to Elegant Touch nails at the Launch of the Henry Holland Nails, where I got to meet him and off course snap a picture 🙂


Some of the designs for his first range are pictured below.

I have never been a fan of stick-on nails! They are usually too thick, uncomfortable and can cause a great amount of damage to the nails. I reluctantly tested the Dotty nails, and I fell in-love! These nails have a very comfortable fit, easy to apply, they are not too curved, and they tapper thinner towards the cuticle which makes them look more natural.They are so much fun and have been a great addition to my kit! I have used them on a number of Beauty and Fashion shoots.

TIP: Make sure not to use too much glue when applying them! Take great care when removing them as the glue can definitely damage your nails if you just pull them off. You can either go to a salon and have them professionally soaked off, or you can try it at home. Soak a ball of cotton-wool in pure acetone, place it on the nail, tightly wrap a piece of tinfoil around it and wait 20minutes. This should soften the nail and the glue, which you can then gently scrape and file off.


Below are two of the design from his fabulous second range of nails with Elegant Touch


I gave the Lego nails a go! LOVE THEM!!! They can be cut shorter and reshaped.

IMG_3473 IMG_3479

Each set of nails comes with 24 Nails, 10 Sizes, Nail Glue, Nail File (to shape the falsies) and Instructions. Available at Dischem R92.95


If you would like to give false nails a go for a night, but you really don’t want to have to glue them on and struggle to take them off, try these Elegant Touch Adhesive tabs. They are gel-like stickers that holds throughout the day, and easily and gently peel off . These have been fantastic for my make-up kit!!! They allow me to change-up the nails during a shoot. Available at Dischem R26.95


Elegant Touch have a wide variety of nail designs available! They have both glue nails and press-on nails available in natural, colourful and fun designs!


Above pictured Glitter nails available at Dischem R89.95

IMG_3466 Above pictured Zebra and Leopard nails available at Dischem R76.95



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    The zebra pattern in fire!

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