ELIZABETH ARDEN Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara

Romantic Full Luscious Lashes!

No 1 in My Current Top 5 Mascaras





The good: This mascara is part of Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Color Collection. It landed on my desk just in time as I was busy rounding-up My Current Top 5 Mascaras. I have been wearing this mascara for a week and can’t stop raving about it! This mascara ticks all the boxes and is the easiest way to getting absolutely gorgeous lashes. At first glance the brush doesn’t look any different to many other mascara wands, but if you look closer you can see that the one side of the brush differs to other. It has denser bristles (to coat each lash individually) to the one end, and slightly sparser (to separate) bristles on the other end. I can’t explain exactly how it works but this mascara gives my lashes lift, makes them fuller, and gives me that real flirty, feathery, fluttering finish. It does not move throughout the day and it doesn’t clump. On top of all of that it is powered by a triple peptide complex clinically proven to enhance the look of lash length, density and curl with continued use. Take a look at the Long Term Benefits listed at the very end of the page mentioned on www.elizabetharden.co.za

The bad: Honestly absolutely nothing! As mentioned it ticks all the boxes. It is well priced, easy to use, effective and it looks after the long-term health of your lashes.

Price: R195

Long term benefits:
• With continued use, the multi-benefit ingredient complex is proven to help support lashes natural renewal cycle so they look longer and thicker, while protecting lashes to help minimize lash loss.
• Vitamin fortified peptides rich in amino acids, moisturize, condition and increase lash elasticity for healthy looking, bold lashes.
• Won’t smudge, flake or clump.
• Removes easily with Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

After 15 days women saw a 156% increase in lash curl.**
**Based on a US clinical study on 30 women.

Over 4 weeks:***
– 92% of women saw volumized, lifted and longer-looking lashes.
– 96% of women said the Mascara was easy to apply
– 93% of women said it lasts all day
– 90% of women said lashes looked more defined
– 90% of women said lashes appeared wider
***Based on a US home use consumer test on 105 women aged 18-60 over 4 weeks.

Clinically, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.


I hope you enjoyed this little series on My Current TOP5 Mascaras and learned something more about mascara!



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2 Responses to ELIZABETH ARDEN Beautiful Color Lash Enhancing Mascara

  1. Johline June 11, 2014 at 9:05 am #

    I use the mascara now and wish I could love it. It was dry from the beginning and I actually took it back to Edgars and the lady told me that is how the mascara is. Only two months and it is now finished and sooo dry. I will go back to Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes again.

    • Marlinette Newman June 11, 2014 at 12:43 pm #

      I am so sorry to hear that. Thank you for sharing your experience! I have luckily not experienced that. You can never go wrong with the Lancome though!!! XxX

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