Finding your Perfect Nude lipstick

Nude lips will never go out of fashion

From this seasons trends, to the recent New York and London Fashion Weeks, the Nude lip was present everywhere! Even if the Nude lip was not a trend, we would still be in-love with it! I love how in fashion and beauty at the moment we are encouraged to embrace who we are, and to enhance our natural beauty instead of trying to change it.

All this said it can be a very difficult task finding the nude lipstick that suits you best and that doesn’t “zombify” you. A Nude lipstick is meant to enhance what is already there! Yes, in the past we have had those crazy makeup looks where we do an extreme black smokey eye and a completely paled out lip. This can certainly be a look, but the point with a Nude lip is for it to look natural and complimentary to your skin tone.

Have you ever heard of Lisa Eldridge? I love her! She is a make-up artist based in London and was appointed the new Creative Director of Lancome makeup earlier this year. As I was catching-up on my YouTube viewing I came across this video of hers- How To Find and Wear the Perfect Nude Lipstick for you. A very helpful and informative video!

Just a few days after watching the video, this wonderful box arrived at my doorstep from RIMMEL…


And inside..


The most beautiful set of Nude lipsticks with a shade to suit everyone!

Each of the lipsticks were carefully created by Kate Moss keeping every skin tone in mind. In her own words:  I want every girl to feel great in her own skin and find her prefect nude. Makeup is all about having fun and experimenting with both natural looks and red carpet glamour. But, for this collection, I really wanted to go back to basics, so I have designed a perfect palette of nudes to suit everyone. I think we’ve truly got a shade for every Rimmel girl.” 

They have a very rich creamy texture which makes them longer lasting. Truly a great formula. I love the elegant nude peach packaging and each of these lipsticks smell like vanilla chocolate desert! Not in overpowering way though, just really Yum!



From top to bottom on my arm (pictured above) we have:

#41                #42                #43               #45              #46               #48

 LF_Kate_Nude_Packshot_041 copyLF_Kate_Nude_Packshot_042 copy LF_Kate_Nude_Packshot_043 copy LF_Kate_Nude_Packshot_045 copy LF_Kate_Nude_Packshot_046 copy LF_Kate_Nude_Packshot_048 copy

Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate RRP R89.95

Also in this beautiful box were 4 nude nail polishes to perfectly compliment the nude lip. I have always been a fan of Rimmel’s nail polish. I find the colours are pigmented (what you see is what you get) and they are long-lasting. The shape of the brush also makes for easy application. The updated Lycra formula in these polishes gives that gel-like salon finish and fade resistant, long-lasting high shine colour.

From left to right:

#126 Bare Yourself   #127 Gentle Kiss    #128 Mistify Me   #129 Sensual Spice   #237 Soul Session (not in the box but it looks beautiful)

Salon_Pro_By_Kate_Nude_126_Packshot_Bare Yourself Salon_Pro_By_Kate_Nude_127_Packshot_Gentle Kiss Salon_Pro_By_Kate_Nude_128_Packshot_Mystify Me Salon_Pro_By_Kate_Nude_129_Packshot_Sensual Spice Salon_Pro_Shade_Kate_Shade_237_Soul Session

Salon Pro With Lycra by Kate RRP R59.95

Dare to go bare!!!

With love



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