GARNIER’s NEW! BB Cream and Eye Roll-On

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Garnier has truly taking BB Cream to the next level!!!

Using All-in-one technology, these products are an effective combination of imperfection fighting ingredients and even-cover mineral pigments. This means that you can cover and fight your imperfections with one product.




GARNIER Pure Active BB Cream (R84.95 for 50ml)

This is a BB Cream like no other. Garnier, a brand well-known for their outstanding BB Cream, and their Pure Active Acne range, have decided to combine the qualities of these two products into one fantastic BB Cream.

It contains 2% Salicylic Acid + Mineral Pigments + SPF15

Salicylic Acid is a Beta Hydroxy Acid known for it’s purifying and anti-bacterial properties which will help fight imperfections. It helps to reduce blackheads, pore size and redness.

The Mineral Pigments are the very pigments that ensured the success of Garnier’s first BB Cream. They blend beautifully into the skin providing an even-toned complexion with a light-to-medium cover.

How to use: The box recommends applying this BB Cream onto cleansed skin as you would moisturizer. I have been using it as my foundation after my moisturizer and sunscreen, applying and gently blending it with my fingers. If you would like to use this as your moisturizer, I would still recommend applying a SPF of 25 or higher underneath this BB Cream. SPF 15 is not enough for an entire day in South Africa.

What I think: I have really been enjoying this BB Cream and wear it daily. It doesn’t leave an oily film (as I find most BB’s do), it is lightweight, absorbs quickly leaving a semi-matte finish, it is hydrating and it smells super fresh with hints of cucumber.  This is a product I will definitely buy again.



BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On (R69.95 for 7ml)

A fantastic concealer that is easy to use and provides just enough cover.

It contains Haloxyl + Mineral Pigments

Haloxyl is an active ingredient known for effectively fighting to help treat dark circles. It does this via a combination of Peptides, a Flavonoid and Iron Chelator. Together these ingredients improve firmness, limit the blood wall from breaking and it removes colour pigments that cause dark circles.

The Mineral pigments covers and smooths out the area under the eyes.

What I think: I have been wearing this concealer daily, with my Garnier BB Cream, and I have been loving it. It is the perfect texture, not too creamy and not too dry. It blends beautifully, it stays put, it is hydrating and it gives me just enough cover to brighten my under eye area. The roller ball makes it easy to use. Every-now-and-then it does need a wiggle though as it can get a little stuck. The metal ball makes for a very refreshing application as it is cool on contact. I roll on however much product I need, then gently blend it in with my ring finger. This is also a product I will definitely buy again!

Make-up Artist tip: If you’ve woken-up with puffy eyes, take two table spoons and place them in the freezer for about 5min, then gently place the curved side in the hollow of your eyes (it is a perfect fit). Hold it there until the spoons return to their normal temperature. Repeat if necessary. The refreshing cold temperature will help drain the excess fluids from the eye area.


In the pictures below I applied one layer of the BB Cream and Eye Roll-On to the one side of my face (left side in the pic) so you guys can see how much cover it gives.

1-Garnier BB Cream 2-garnier bb cream


And in these pictures below I applied another layer. As you can see it has evened out my skin tone perfectly and given me some colour with a beautiful semi-matte finish.



3-Garnier BB Eyes 4-Garnier BB eyes







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  1. Yolandi May 22, 2014 at 2:15 am #

    Ek hoop my clicks het daardie concealer… Ek het nog nie eers met eksamen begin nie en my under eye area laat veel te wense oor! Het sopas klaar gewerk vir die aand. Ps- baie goeie review, een van die bestes, waardeur jou opinie en die fotos 🙂