Hermès Jour d’Hermès EDP

Hermès Jour d’Hermès  Eau de Parfum


Art Directed and Styled by Marlinette Newman

Fragrance Family: Gentle Sweet Floral

In Three Words: Honey, Special, Gentle

My Experience: (I tested the fragrance on a cardboard strip before reading about it, and this is what the scent made me think of)
A golden Greek goddess! She is standing next to one of the great pillars of the Acropolis. Her soft white flowing dress is blowing in the wind. Her long tousled hair graces her shoulders. She wears an Ivy crown and loves bathing in milk. Although she is a leader she is gentle, soft and feminine. She is a woman of great stature, admired by all. She is truly special. I must admit the design of the bottle probably inspired the reference to Greece, but for the type of woman I imagine wearing this fragrance I truly relied on the scent.


 This fragrance is described as the fragrance for every women:

Ample, sturdy women full of life and
health from paintings by Bonnard
or Théodore Chassériau. Delicate, luminous women painted by Botticelli. Elegant, graceful women full of false modesty
in Japanese prints. Strong women, despite appearances. Women who cannot be
ignored but without ostentation. Settled, welcoming, hospitable women. Joyful, florid women. Women so sure of themselves
they can admit they need other people, lovers, friends, children, forebears. Sensual
women who need no artifice to be who they are and fuel daydreams and fantasies. Liberated women, deliberately women.

How does one maintain the mystery of every women in one bottle..Bringing womanhood to light, and maintaining the mystery of every woman? Create a fragrance of a thousand flowers! Armfuls, bouquets, sprays, garden flowers, cut flowers, morning flowers, evening flowers, mischievous fragrances, bewitching smells, a whole profusion! This is what the perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena set out to create with this fragrance.

a floral that flowers, flows, flourishes…

Jean-Claude Ellena didn’t want to include specific notes in the press release, wishing that instead we discover our own choice of flowers, to smell what we want to smell.

In my notes, as I was smelling it, I made a note saying “what flower is that?” I still don’t have the answer. This fragrance is packed with floral scents! I smelt Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, a hint of Citrus, Honey, Water, there were Green florals and a touch of Woodiness. The most prominent floral I could detect was the soft sweet scent of the Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow flowers (Brunfelsia pauciflora)

I believe this fragrance is exactly what Ellena set out to create, a fragrance that embodies the mystery of every women. I leave this one up to you to test, to experience, to fall head over heels in-love with as I did!

RRP R1805.00 for 85ml



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