Holiday Favourites

With the holidays upon us I couldn’t be more excited to share my latest favourite product finds with you guys!



I try to remember to use an anit-cellulite cream all year round, but in summer I am especially reminded of this as the days get warmer and the clothing fewer. I have been trying BioNike Defence Body Anticellulite and Elancyl Cellu Slim Night.

The BioNike is a very active product! It is based on a cold/hot action which stimulates blood circulation, assisting in the drainage of liquids and waste in the deeper layers of the skin. It has an intense refreshing feeling with some tingling and warmth.  I love how you can actually feel this product work! The sensation on the skin is not too intense and completely bearable! It is a lightweight, fast-absorbing gel that contains a number of natural ingredients giving it a strong scent of mint and cloves. I personally love applying this in the evenings after my workout, about two hours before bed. I do not recommend applying this right before bedtime as it might keep you awake for about an hour or two 🙂

RRP R295.00 for 200ml DISCHEM

The Elancyl is a lovely rich cream with a gentle, soft scent. It contains Cecropia extract, Caffeine and GP4G booster promising to limit the storage of cellulite and reducing the appearance of new cellulite, whilst reinforcing skin elasticity and firmness. It softens the skin and breaks down the action on cellulite to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Even though they recommend using this at night, when skin’s detoxifying action is increased, I love using this one in the day as it is fast-absorbing and smells beautiful!
RRP R460.00 for 250ml DISCHEM
**These products are by no means a miracle cure for cellulite, the ingredients promise to help stimulate blood circulation which helps the body eliminate toxins. Exercise, diet and enough water are all key to combating cellulite.



Caribbean Tan products have become a firm favourite in my beauty closet, and a great way to get that much wanted all year round tan without the harmful effects of UV’s. Make sure you select the right shade for your skin type and enjoy a natural, ‘non-orange’ looking tan.

Tanning Spritzer- Out of the extensive home tanning product range from Caribbean Tan this has been my favourite for tanning my body. I find it very easy to apply and blend, and because it is an instant colour I can see exactly where it might look streaky and blend it at first application. The Spritzer comes with a free application mitt, but I do recommend buying the application mitt pictured above as it gives a much better application!

RRP R22.95 for the mitt

RRP R99.95 for 200ml

Gradual Bronzing Mousse- For tanning my face I have been loving the bronzing mousse. It is a thin see-through foam that easily spreads and gradually tans the skin throughout the day. I apply this on clean exfoliated skin, leave it to set, and then apply my usual moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup over it.

RRP R99.95 for 150ml

Shimmer– A tinted shimmer cream that gives you just enough colour and cover for an even bronzed skin-tone. I love that the shimmer is subtle and not too sparkly. I have to shave my legs every 2-3 days, which obviously removes the tan that much quicker. This is the best product that I have tried to get that extra daily colour and sheen.

RRP R59.95 for 200ml

All Caribbean Tan products are available at Dischem and Clicks stores. See their full at home range here Caribbean Tan

For Tutorial videos on their products and how to get the perfect tan Click Here




Dermaceutic Advanced Cleanser Expert Cleansing Foam- A foam cleanser that doesn’t dry out the skin and is suited for all skin types, even sensitive and dehydrated skin. It effectively removes makeup leaving the skin cleansed and hydrated. Never have I tried a cleanser like this one before! It contains Xylitol (Anti-Dehydration), Zinc (Anti-Sebum and Anti-Microbial action) Urea (Moisturizing agent) and Glycerin (Hydrating and protective film). I truly does remove my makeup effectively and leaves my skin feeling and looking plump and hydrated. I spend all my time outdoors in the holidays, so this baby is the perfect skincare partner to cleanse off all the dirt and sunscreen after a hot summers day outdoors.

RRP R338 for stockists Click Here



Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water- This much sought after product has finally hit our shores! A firm favourite with, I am pretty sure, every beauty editor and blogger! It basically removes makeup and cleanses the skin with no rinsing needed. An all-in-one solution. It contains groups of molecules (micelles) that act like ‘dirt magnets’, capturing and lifting away makeup and impurities from the skin. Remember the Garnier Pure Active makeup remover? That was my favourite! Well this one is an ever better remover that went straight into my pro makeup kit. With two formulas available, one for Sensitive skin and another for Combination to Oily and Sensitive skin. Personally, I HAVE to rinse to my face though, probably just all in my head, but as a make remover this has become my go to.

RRP R79.99 for 400ml available at selected retailers and pharmacies (Clicks, Dischem, Pick ‘n Pay ..etc)



Bioderma Photoderm M and MAX Aquafluid- Wow, wow, wow!!! Bioderma have taken their amazing sunscreen to the next level with these above pictured Tinted sunscreens. What I love most is that these make it very easy to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day without messing up your foundation!

Photoderm MAX SPF 50+ Aquafluid- Available in 3 shades- Clear (In stores mid Jan 2016), Light and Golden. These sunscreens are suited for all skin types, even sensitive and oily skins. With an ultra light texture and dry touch these oil free formulas are great for everyday use and long-lasting protection. The tinted versions provide light coverage and is not suited for those needing medium to full cover. It is perfect for evening out the skin-tone and adding a bit of colour. The Cellular bio-protection formula preserves skins immunity, cellular integrity and combats premature ageing. I have both shades, light and golden, which I mix to create my perfect shades all year round.

RRP R199.95 for 40ml available at Clicks and Dischem

Photoderm M SPF 50+ – My personal favourite! This product is especially formulated for those of us suffering from pigmentation(melasma). According to the Bioderma scientists, melasma recurrence is caused by the Blue light of visible rays. This product formula filters this visible light to prevent the relapse of melasma and minimizing the risk of pigmentation. It also lightens existing marks and is safe to use during pregnancy to help prevent pregnancy mask. Unfortunately it only comes in one shade, Golden. Luckily this is my perfect summer shade, but when I am a bit of a lighter shade I just mix the Photoderm MAX in Light (the product mentioned above) to match my skin. This tinted sunscreen gives me much more cover than the Photoderm MAX, which I definitely need for pigmentation. I find that I have to use this with a powder to set it and minimize the shine. After one power in the morning I am set for the entire day.

RRP R209.95 for 40ml available at Clicks and Dischem




Avène Eau Thermale Spray SPF 50+ –  A very broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen containing Avène Thermal Spring Water, making it perfectly suited for sensitive skin. Photo-stable, water resistant, Paraben and alcohol free, with anti-oxidants to fight free-radicals caused by sun exposure. It has a creamy consistency that is easily spread leaving no white streaks. This sunscreen does leave a slight creamy texture on the skin, but it is not sticky.

RRP R295,95 for 200ml available at Clicks

Avène Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water- A soothing, softening and anti-irritating thermal spring water spray for sensitive skin. This is a beach bag essential for me. I like to keep it in my little cooler bag for a cool, refreshing spritz when needed. This also works a charm to soothe sun burnt skin!

R149,95 150ml Spray available at Clicks




Happy Holidays to ALL of you!!!

My you travel safe and have an absolute blast!

Merry Christmas and see you all again in the New Year

With much love



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