Introducing Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s was founded in 1851 as an old-world apothecary in New York’s East Village. That’s over a 160 years ago! Kiehl’s was a full service pharmacy offering customers homeopathic and herbal remedies, essential oils and over-the-counter drugs. Combine the knowledge of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, herbal and medicinal treatments, developed over generations, and you have Kiehl’s


In 2012 I was on holiday in Thailand, browsing through a mall, when suddenly I spotted it! A KIEHL’S STORE!!! I gave a little shriek and bolted towards the it. A bit overwhelmed by all the products and labels in-front of me I bought the Creme with Silk Groom (RRP R295.00) Kiehls_CremewithSilkGroom

A fantastic Hairstyling product that was recommended to me by another Make-up Artist. I use it either on wet hair before blow-drying for a silky shiny finish, or after styling to tame fly-aways and frizz. It is moisturizing, it protects the hair, conditions, it is non-greasy and it contains natural oils that are easily absorbed. Absolutely love it!

I really wanted to buy some of their skincare, but as always, I do not buy before trying. I left the store with my one amazing product and a bunch of skincare samples. *Just b.t.w Kiehl’s loves giving out samples! Always get a sample first to try before buying, especially when it comes to skincare.

Years later Kiehl’s had finally hit our SA Shores and I decided to pay the store a visit for my professional consultation. I left with a ton of new skincare knowledge, and a bag full of samples to go home and try.

After a good test run these are the products I decided to go for, and I wanted to share a bit more on each with you guys.





Suited for all skin types, this cleanser is gentle, effectively cleansing the skin of excess oils, dirt and debris without stripping the skin.

It is quite a thick liquid that produces a foaming lather. I use the smallest amount to cleanse my face, neck and chest. An amount the size of a pumpkin seed is sufficient. This cleanser is going to last me forever! It is also PH-balanced which is very important in maintaining your skin’s protective barrier. A tip when using this cleanser, it takes quite a few rinses to come off completely, be sure to rinse it properly.




First thing to mention is that it is Alcohol Free!!! A hard quality to find in a Toner these days. This means that it won’t over-dry or strip the skin of it’s natural moisture. Also PH-balanced, it helps to remove any extra surface debris, preparing the skin for the Moisturizer. It has quite a thick milky consistency. I use a small gauze square to apply it over my face, neck and chest. I found this Toner to be very comfortable and hydrating.




Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream, enriched with Jasmonic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Beech Tree Extract, corrects the appearance of key visible signs of aging: wrinkles appear smoother; skin feels firmer and skin texture looks refined.

I love the smell of this product! It feels like an aromatherapy treatment every time I apply it. I did find this cream hydrating, and I love how easily it absorbs. I used it as my day-cream, adding a sunscreen over.

I do think that this cream is more suited for normal to dry skin. My skin did get a bit more oily at the end of the day after using this cream.




Having recently won the prestigious Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence Award, this is definitely the serum to try if you suffer from signs of Ageing especially due to Dehydration.

A concentrated formula that includes 15% Glycerin & Shiso Leaf Extract to youthfully plump skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines & rough texture, while treating dull, tired looking skin.
With it’s liquid-to-serum technology it is easily absorbed into the deepest surface layers of the skin. To me it feels like my skin has just had a big drink of water 🙂 Glycerin is known for it’s “moisture magnet” properties, attracting water into skin’s surface, creating a “reservoir effect” which corrects age-related dehydration.

I use one pump of this serum after my toner, before my moisturizer, day and night, over my face, neck and chest. I have also been using this serum on my dehydrated hands before bedtime.





Definitely one of the products from Kiehl’s that is the most loved by all!

Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and Mineral Oil Free! This oil is enriched with Squalane, a botanical lipid similar in molecule structure to natural skin lipids, Evening Primrose Oil, rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Essential Oils including Lavender, this formula provides a boosts of essential moisture to depleted skin. This concentrate works at night when the skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors, leaving you with hydrated, supple and soft skin in the morning.

Again, this oil smells amazing! The perfect aromatherapy treat before bedtime.

Can be used in it’s own, before moisturizer or mixed in with your favourite night cream. I have been using this oil on it’s own as my “night cream”. 6 Drops into the palm of my hands is enough to gently spread over my face, neck and chest. I did find it to take a bit of time to get fully absorbed, my hair kept sticking to my face 🙂

After one night I could already see a difference in my skin by the morning. My skin felt relaxed and hydrated.
Let me know which Kiehl’s products you have tried!




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