LANCOME Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara

 Bright Wide-eyed Doll Eyes!

No 2 in My Current Top 5 Mascaras


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The good: I love, love, love this mascara so much that I featured it in my Favourite Products of May post. This mascara coats every single lash in a light coating of product, giving them a lightweight finish. In this way it adds volume by making each individual lash thicker. The brush is an absolute wonder in itself! The tapered tip is perfect for those inner corners and bottom lashes, and the plump back side works wonders with lifting and extending the lashes. Something that mascara isn’t really know for is it smell. The smell of this mascara makes the experience of applying it so much more luxurious! Also comes in a Waterproof formula.

The bad: The reason this mascara is not my current No 1 is that I found towards the end of the day, when my eyelids start getting a touch oily, that it transferred onto my lids. I do have slightly heavy lids and my lashes do touch my lids.

Price: R355

Tomorrow we reveal our No 1 mascara in My Current TOP5 Mascaras !



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