Long-lasting nail colour- CND Shellac

I am forever looking for long-lasting nail colours. The most I have been able to get out of my nail polish is 3, maybe 4 days, at a push. I am always washing my hands, always working with my hands, my nails are exposed to hairsprays and alcohols, heat and chipping everyday. With my nails being exposed to all of this daily, I would love to be able to protect them whilst having them look great as well!

Everyone recommended I try Gelish! By the third failed attempt my nails were buffed paper thin and the product just didn’t last on me. I didn’t like the fact that so many layers had to be applied and I ended-up with this thick slab of stuff on my nails. With the Gelish they also had to leave a little gap between the nail colour and the cuticle, which meant within 5 days I needed to get them soaked off with acetone as it looked too grown-out. The condition of nails afterwards was not worth the effort. I am also not a fan of acrylic nails. So, that was my last attempt at trying something longer lasting than just good old nail polish.

Enter CND Shellac overlay! I was invited by the lovely ladies at Ageless Faces to try the product. I was very apprehensive due to my previous experiences with this type of thing, but decided to go give it a try.

Nina started cleaning my nails with 98% Alcohol to remove all oils and dirt, then applied the base coat. NO BUFFING REQUIRED! The base coat was set in the little UV Light station. She then proceeded with the nail colour I had chosen, Lobster Roll, a lovely deep coral. I love how ‘workable’ this product is. She could apply it right up to the cuticle and build the cover to the exact desired results. After each colour layer my nails were set in the UV Light. Once we were both happy with the colour she applied the top coat which was then also set under the light. At this stage we were sitting at about 5 layers, and it didn’t look or feel thick at all. I also need to mention that not once did my nails feel warm/hot when placed under the light.

As a final touch the CND Shellac Solar Oil was applied. It gets absorbed through the breathable CND Shellac overlay to nourish the nails, even after application.


There is a great variety of colours available. Pictured above is only some of the available colours.


My CND Shellac nails lasted 10 days! I couldn’t believe it. They still looked great, just the front edges started lifting.

The soaking off process was also very pleasant as they don’t use any acetone. They have a special nourishing remover for the CND Shellac nails which gets soaked in cotton wool, placed on the nail, and wrapped in tin foil. This sits for 5-10 minutes depending on the amount of layers that were applied. Again no buffing required! After all the product is removed the Solar Oil gets applied and rubbed into the nails.

My nails looked great and felt nourished!

I can most definitely recommend the CND Shellac overlay.

They currently have a special running at Ageless Faces. R150 for the CND Shellac overlay. This does not include a manicure!

They are based at 8 Cavendish Street, Claremont, Cape Town. 021 683 4424

Go give them a try and let me know about your CND Shellac overlay experience!

**Please note there are fake Shellac products out there. It has to say CND Shellac for it to be the real deal 😉



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