I can not get enough of Dove’s products!!! I have never been disappointed with any Dove purchase. I love that their products aren’t too scented, too heavy, too rich or too oily, and that they are packed with moisture.

See below as I share a bit more on each product



Colour Radiance Leave-in Conditioning Care Spray- This lovely leave-in-conditioner has made it to my Monthly Favourites before. It doesn’t leave your hair greasy, but rather beautifully smooth and soft. I have very fine hair, and I can load my hair with this product without it weighing down my hair. I also use it in my hairstyling kit on all hair types. It can be used on wet or dry hair, re-applied throughout the day and it contains UV filters to help prevent loss of colour vibrancy.

RRP R72.99 for 200ml

Pure Care Dry Oil with African Macadamia Oil-  A non-greasy formula rich in Omega-7 and high in nourishing properties. I have been using this oil on those days when I feel my hair really needs an extra helping hand. This is a treatment product that helps to replenish the hair’s natural oils. It can be used as a pre-wash to leave hair soft and shiny, post-wash to lock in moisture, or as a finishing product to add shine to your styled hair.

RRP R179.99 for 100ml

Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner- The perfect everyday conditioner for damaged hair. It contains patented Micro Moisture Serum and Fibre Actives which internally reconstruct hair. This prevents further damage to hair that is already damaged or experiencing the symptoms of damage, such as split ends and breakage. I love that this conditioner does exactly what it says without leaving my hair feeling heavy. My fine limp hair actually has more volume and a more manageable texture after using this conditioner daily.

RRP R65.99 for 180ml

Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo- This shampoo quickly became my new favourite. I just love the way it makes my hair feel. Honestly! My hair feels soft but manageable, full but not dry, my hair has volume but it is not frizzy. It contains weightless Nutri-oils formulated with natural almond, coconut and mineral oils. These oils are easily absorbed into the hair fibre without leaving any oily residue.

RRP R42.99 for 20ml, R65.99 for 400ml

Daily Care Conditioner- Also a wonderful daily conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling soft but not limp, full but not frizzy. This Daily conditioner is suited for those with normal hair not suffering from too much damage. It contains a micro-moisture serum which builds a protective shield around the hair fibre to help hair defend itself against daily damage.

RRP R42.99 for 200ml, R65.99 for 400ml

Colour Radiance Deep Repair Treatment Mask- An Intensive in-shower treatment mask. I love Dove’s range of Treatment Hair Masks. Their Nourishing Oil Care mask has made it to my monthly favourites before. The Colour Radiance mask is especially for hair that has been coloured. It nourishes, rebuilds and protects hair from damage due to the colouring process to keep hair healthy, vibrant and shiny. I use this mask 1-2 times a week.

RRP R72.99 for 200ml



Essential Nourishment Body Lotion- A fast absorbing, non-sticky, deeply moisturising Body Lotion. I apply moisturiser to my entire body absolutely everyday, and this deeply nourishing and moisturising lotion has been great for when my skin is feeling especially dry.

RRP R29.99 for 250ml, R39.99 for 400ml

Firming Nourishing Body Lotion- This body lotion contains White Tea Extract which is a well known anti-oxidant to invigorate the skin. It is a thin formula that spreads easily. It is meant to boost the skins elasticity and make skin look more toned within 24hours of application. It is hard to say if it does this, but it definitely leaves my skin feeling invigorated, refreshed and moisturised. It does have a slight sticky finish that disappears after a while.

RRP R29.99 for 250ml, R39.99 for 400ml

Summer Glow Nourishing Body Lotion- It contains a subtle self-tanner to gradually enhance your skin’s natural colour. The self-tanner is very subtle. It definitely provides a hint of colour, but don’t expect to have Caribbean bronze skin after using this product. What I love most about it is that it helps to prolong my natural tan. It is also a lovely rich moisturiser.

RRP R29.99 for 250ml, R39.99 for 400ml


Go Fresh Aerosal- This deodorant comes in a roll-on as well. I am not a fan of a roll-on, so I always opt for an Aerosal instead. I don’t use deodorants daily, only when I know I will be shooting outdoors and need a little extra help to stay fresh. The Go Fresh deodorant has a fresh cucumber and green tea scent. It doesn’t transfer onto your clothes, and it definitely helps me to stay fresher for longer.

RRP R17.99 for 50ml

Invisible Dry Deodorant- I am sure we have all had that embarrassing moment when you get home after a long day of work, and realize that you have been walking around with white stained armed pits the entire day. This is Dove’s first deodorant that has been tested on over 100 colours and has been proven not to leave white marks. Still including Dove’s 1/4 moisturing cream, this is a great deodorant for everyday wear that you can trust.

RRP R28.99 for 150ml



Deeply Nourishing Body Wash & Cream Bar- Both are infused with caring oils and the delicate scent of Jasmine and honey. I love the soft smell and moisturising feel of these products. They are not heavy and don’t leave a residue on the skin.

Go Fresh Body Wash & Fresh Touch Cream Bar- Both offer cool refreshment that effectively nourishes and moisturises skin while giving off the fresh and crisp scent of Cucumber and Green Tea. Perfect for a fresh, invigorating, hot summers day shower. These also leave your skin feeling moisturised without any residue.

I have been using the Dove cream bars for years. All I can say is that the moment I use a different soap I can immediately notice the difference. With other soaps my skin instantly feels tight and dry, where with the Dove soap/cream bars my skin never feels over washed, tight or dry.

RRP Body Wash R29.99 for 250ml ; Cream Bar R9.99 for 100g


I hope this has helped you discover some great bath and body products to help you through a gorgeous hot summer!!!





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