Mani Monday- Elegant Touch Express Manicure

My new best friend..Press-On Instant Manicure Nails


As a make-up artist I get asked to perform miracles on a daily basis, including getting the models’ often rough, short, peeling and generally busted nails looking beautifully groomed! These Press-On Nails have become an absolute MUST HAVE for my kit. The “manicure” in the picture above only took me 5mins to do! What I love the most about these nails is how thin they are, especially at the cuticle. This makes the fit very comfortable, and they look natural.

The nails are super easy to apply. First go through the pack of nails and fit the right size to the right nail. Next you want to make sure that your nails are clean of any oils or residue. There is a Nail Prep Wipe in the pack to help you with this. These do not require any glue! All you need to do is peel off the protective film from the adhesive tab on the nail, and stick! Apply it with a good amount of pressure, and avoid placing your hands in water for about 30mins to allow the “glue” to set. The pack says that it lasts for up to Seven Days..unfortunately when I wore these they didn’t. My hands are very busy though and spend a lot of time in water 🙂  For me these Express Press-On Nails have been great for a Quick Effortless Manicure on an evening out! They are also very easy to remove, just gently peel them off from the side of the cuticle.

The French Manicure nails above retail for R82.95 and are available at Dischem.

Below I took some pics of the available range in the Express Nails, you can see that they are priced between R82.95 – R92.95


image photo

Aren’t these awesome!!!

I love the White hearts on the black nails!

Which ones would you want?



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