Mani Monday-Nail Art Fun

 Fun Pastel Nails and Glitter

 On a recent Beauty Shoot for Clicks Magazine the beauty editor, Zoe Gruss, had this fantastic idea for the nails.


She brought along these Tip Top Duo’s which has the nail polish on the one end and the glitter on the other. We decided to paint a mix of these colours on the nails, and “glitter” the ring and index finger. We painted all the nails that don’t need glitter in two coats of nail polish. Then for the glitter we painted a slightly thicker coat, and whilst the polish was still very wet (you’ve got to work fast here), sprinkle the glitter over the entire nail bed. We actually poured the glitter over pretty much the entire finger tip 🙂 , and when the polish was dry we shook off the excess and cleaned up the finger tip. Very easy to use and so much fun! Tip Top also have more of these Duo sets available with different “toppings”

image_3 image_1 image_2

Have Fun!




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