Mani Monday-Rimmel 60Seconds Nail Polish

Perfectly Painted Nails in Minutes

Looking for an affordable nail polish that is easy to use, dries quick and lasts? Look no further!

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If you have been following my blog posts, you will know by now that my hands get put through the wars just about everyday..styling hair, digging in my make-up kit, constantly washing my hands to keep’em hygienically clean. This makes it difficult for me to wear nail polish as I usually end-up having to repaint them every night. This said I have been loving the Rimmel 60 Seconds (R59.95) nail polishes.

I can definitely recommend these nail polishes. They last a good 3 days on me. The brush has a curved tip that fits the curves of your nail, making it easy to paint a full nail in 2-3 sweeps without messing. These nail polishes do indeed dry in 60 Seconds, which is a massive bonus for me as I am terribly impatient when waiting for my nail polish to dry. Be sure not to apply one thick slick of polish, but rather 2-3 thinner coats, waiting for each coat to dry before painting the next one.

Pictured above are some of the nail polishes that were launched as part of the limited Rita Ora collection in May 2014. Some stores do still have these available. The stay-in-line 60 Seconds colour range is fantastic though with so much to choose from!!!

Happy Painting!



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