Miss Manga-Mascara

Dramatic Mega Volume Doll Eyes Mascara


Loreal’s Miss Manga Mascara (R139.95)

A non-flake, long-wearing formula with a brush specifically designed to give your lashes a thicker, longer appearance.

I found this mascara easy to use. If you have a closer look at the brush in the image below, you will notice that there are larger gaps in between the longer bristles, and smaller gaps in between the shorter bristles. The shorter bristles will separate your lashes and coat them individually, creating a fuller looking lash right at the roots. Whilst the longer bristles will cause the ends of your lashes to fall into the larger gaps making them stick together, giving you that pointy/spikey effect on the ends only. The perfect combination and genius design if you ask me. I love that the brush tapers smaller towards the end, making it easier to get into the corners and bottom lashes without smudging.

To apply make sure to get the brush in right at the base. This is very important! From the roots up! (I see so many women apply mascara only from the middle of their lashes up)  Start here and gently zig-zag your way to the ends, and repeat. The more coats you apply, the more dramatic your lashes will be.


In the pics below you can see the dramatic effect this mascara had on my lashes:




Two to Three Coats on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom lashes:




Both eyes with fully exaggerated volume:



This mascara is definitely for those who like a thicker more dramatic lash. If you love soft and flirty lashes, then this one is not for you.

Chat again soon!

With love





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