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Savas Hair – A Hidden Gem


I usually do my own hair, mainly due to some really bad experiences I have had in the past. But there are certain things that I just can’t do on my own, for example, advanced hair colour!

I was itching for something complicated and new, and the only trustworthy hairdresser that came to mind was Savas. I met Savas 8 years ago when we were both studying makeup. Back then Savas had already shown extreme passion and an incredible talent for hair. Whilst studying makeup he was doing his apprenticeship as a hairdresser at Scar hair in Kloof street.

Fast forward 8 years, and now Savas is the founder and owner of one of Cape Town’s most popular salons, Savas Hair , in Claremont.

The soon to be re-vamped salon is beautifully decorated with tasteful mixes of industrial decor, cubed mirrors suspended from the ceilings, touches of wood, and artisan light bulbs adding a sense of tranquility.

IMG_8383 IMG_8404 IMG_8421

Savas hair is a family run business overflowing with passion!

Although Savas has 15 staff, the core of his salon is formed by himself, his two brothers and their cousin.

Savas– Founder. Owner. Inspiring freedom.


Giovanni (brother)– Colour Maestro. Perfectionist.


Giancarla (brother)– Great with Kids. Does gorgeous up-styles.


Nicholas (cousin)– Genius. Quiet. Talented. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to meet him as he is away on holiday, but rumour has it that he gives the best head massage.

You simply can’t leave Savas Hair without experiencing Paul in action..the 5 pound barber from London. He is a specialist at men’s haircuts with a record standing at 60 Gents haircuts in one day! Watching him cut hair is like watching an artistic performance.

IMG_8447 IMG_8444

Monique– The apprentice. Already proving that she is extremely talented and more than capable.


In just 4 years Savas has built a thriving business, as you can see. What is his secret? He humbly says that his business philosophy is based on striving for excellence, keeping his clients happy. His motivation he says is that ‘You are only as good as your last cut or colour’  Refreshingly Savas adds that he has realized it is not always about money. If you provide good service customers will come. He sees his work as an exchange of energy. He makes you feel fabulous, in turn he feels great, and that energy drives his passion. Instant gratification! A humble man with a heart for what he does, for his business, and his staff.

IMG_8386 IMG_8380


IMG_8426 IMG_8425



If you follow me on Instagram you would’ve noticed a flash of purple in my hair that lasted only about a week, before it all washed out and left my hair with a horrible tinge of army green. In desperation I proceeded to colour my hair a blue black, that washed out to become a dark brown.

This is when I went to go see Savas, and needless to say I presented him with quite a challenge.


We decided to do a beautiful Balayage, a free-hand technique that allows for a natural sun-kissed hair colour.

IMG_8974 IMG_8973

Savas selected sections of hair where the colour was lifted to create the Balayage effect. B3 Brazilian Bond Builder was added to the bleach to protect my hair. This amazing product reinforces the bonds that make up the cellular membranes, helping prevent the loss of the cuticle and cortex cells responsible for supporting the structure of the hair. Therefore dramatically reducing breakage and preventing damage during all color services.


After a rinse, a golden toner was applied all over my hair to lift the previous dyes, which had left my hair ashy.


After this had developed for long enough my hair was washed again, and a warm toned medium brown colour was applied all over. Below you can see the washed and dried result.


Lastly Savas carefully hand painted strips of hair to add that natural sun-kissed look to my hair.


And VOILA!!! The end result, a golden toned sun-kissed hair colour.

IMG_9007   IMG_9017 IMG_9018


Visit Savas Hair at

Tel: +27 21 674 1200

21 Corwen Street, Claremont


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