Pigmentation Solution and New Skincare

I Am So Excited To Share My New Skincare Discoveries With You!

Those of you who have been following me for some time now will know a bit about my personal struggle with pigmentation. Sooo I am super excited to share a great chemical peel that I have had done, and the results with you! It is by no means a complete cure, but I think the Before & After pictures speak for themselves.

I really appreciate and seek out skincare with active ingredients. Ingredients that actually do what they say ..basic, uncomplicated, nothing fancy, real core ingredients that our skin flourishes in.

In the video below I share all on the Chemical Peel that I have had done and also the new Skincare that I have been trying and loving.

For those interested see below a short explanation of the ingredients in the Mela Peel and how they work to fight pigmentation:
Azelaic acid – Inhibits Tyrosinase, the enzyme that triggers melanin production.
Ferulic  acid – Is an antioxidant. Melanocytes absorb free radicals and often becomes damaged through this process, Ferulic acid fights the free-radicals to protect the Melanocytes.
Phytic acid – Is a lightening agent which binds copper. Copper is necessary in making dark brown/black pigment.
Retinol – Regulates the Melanocytes activation to reduce melanin production and is also a wonderful antioxidant.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – Inhibits the transfer of melanin to Keratinocytes.
Mandelic acid – Inhibits Tyrosinase enzyme to prevent melanin production.
Salicylic acid – Is a keratolytic, meaning it removes dead skin cells to allow for better penetration.
So in short this amazing peel interferes with pigment production at every level in the skin, as well as fight/breakdown exisiting pigmentation.

The cost of the peel might vary slightly from Salon-to-Salon and also depending on what areas of skin you would like to have treated. Below is a Recommend Costing on what you can expect to spend.

The price per peel is R1200.00 (for face and neck, not chest) Most clients need a minimum of two peels to see results. Before the Peel you would need to start using the Mela cream, and for after the peel you would need to purchase the K-Ceutic or Regen-Ceutic. So for 2 Treatments/Peels + Mela Cream + K-Ceutic OR Regen-Ceutic you are looking at a total spend of R4400.00

I also had my chest treated and this is charged as an extra cost of R1200. They can however “package” the Mela Peel For the face, neck and chest at a cost of R1900.00.

As mentioned in the video for my 2nd and 3rd Peel I had the Milk Peel first, and the Mela Peel straight after. This is called the Advanced Peel and it retails at R1800 per peel (excluding any homecare products)

I really do help that this info helps you get closer to your skincare goals!

Lots of Love




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