Press 1

FAIRLADY Bride interviewed me on all my tips, tricks and advice for brides

Press 2

A very interesting introduction for my YouTube channel from the One&Only Leigh vd Bergh

Press 3

Alterna TV invited me to have my very own Beauty channel on their site

Press 4

Steps to applying your make-up (Afrikaans article)

Press 5

A Fashion Friend features my Sexy Valentines Day/Date Night make-up tutorial

Press 6

Dear Heart Beauty shares an interview about me!!!

Press 7

Women24 Shares my Make-up Tutorial where I do Cindy Nell’s make-up for the J&B Met

Press 8

Rooi Rose asks my advice on my BEST MASCARA’s (Afrikaans article)

Press 9

A Fashion Friend shares my make-up tutorial on How To Bronze

Press 10

Women24 shares another of my make-up tutorials on Liezel van der Westhuizen’s make-up for the J&B Met

Press 11

FAIRLADY Bridal featured Liezel Fourie from and Myself in our Bridal Q&A Video

Press 14

I am on Beauty South Africa’s panel of  “Ask the Experts” as their Make-up Expert

Press 12

Foschini Balanced Life magazine. I was lucky enough to be featured next to Algria Ferreira and Carl Isaacs.

Press 13

I am the make-up professional for Rooi Rose’s “Hier’s Hulp” (Here’s help) Pages, featuring monthly advice. In this issue they featured my YouTube channel and my very helpful tutorials 🙂

Style Africa

Featured in the popular Style Africa online magazine