Bath Time must haves

Nothing beats a relaxing soak in the tub after a looong day!


Bath time for me means either of 4 options, depending on the time available and what my body needs 🙂

1.) A Bubble Soak     2.) A Deep Relax   3.) A Nourishing Oil Soak   4.) A Wash and Scrub

If I need to wash my hair and have quick bath, I will always opt for the shower! So Bath time for me is always treat time! Here are the Bath Time goodies that I love.


For A good Wash and Scrub My Essentials are my Body Shop Long Handled Cactus Bath Brush (R165) ;  Oh So Heavenly Moisture Burst Body Wash Cream-Pump Pack (R49.95) and a Mesh Sponge from Clicks (R24.95). The Cactus Brush can be used wet or on dry skin for dry brushing, which is a great way to stimulate micro-circulation and kick cellulite’s butt. The cactus bristles are great for exfoliating and leave my skin soft and smooth. I love washing-up with this Body Wash Cream from Oh So Heavenly. A small amount foams up beautifully and is enough to give my whole body a good scrub. This body wash has a soft powdery smell and leaves my skin clean and moisturized, and not at all squeaky! Not to mention the great value for money and the easy dispensable pump bottle.


Carribean Tan’s Skin Smoothing Exfoliator (R49.95 at Clicks) is a great sugar scrub that smells deliciously edible! It is as easy to use as grabbing a small amount and start scrubbing. It contains Jojoba Oil to restore moisture and ensure soft, smooth skin. I like using this right at the end of my bath. After a good scrub I rinse off the Cinnamon&Coconut sugar, and I am left with the rich moisturizing Jojoba Oil layer on my skin. A quick towel dry and I am ready for my jammies.


For A Nourishing Oil Soak and A Deep Relax I use either of these two. The Wild Olive Bath Oil 30ml (R795 for 100ml) for a deep relaxing Lavender soak. You can also use an essential oil you love and add 6-8 drops to your bath. I am a huge Lavender Oil fan as I find it sooo relaxing! I have also been enjoying the Justine Honey Herbal Luxurious Bath Milk 200ml (R120) It is a two-phased product that needs a good shake before adding it to your bath, and it will give you some bubbles if added to the running water. I love the smell of this product, a mix of Honey, Chamomile and Lavender that soothes the senses and leaves my skin beautifully soft and nourished.

IMG_6347 No bath is complete without some Vegan bath treats from LUSH! From Left to Right in the above picture is A Bath Ballistic (Fizz Ball) in Sex Bomb (R42.50 each) this is my favourite of the “fizz balls” It’s scent is a mix of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang oils, and it makes the bath water go pink! I like to break it up into 4 portions, enough for 4 baths. Next up is the Sunnyside Bubble Bar (R48.50 p/100g) This one smells like fresh citrus fruit! It is basically a very fun, nourishing, safe for the environment, bubble bath!!! Break it into smaller pieces and swoosh it around under running water until you have enough bubbles. This Sunnyside bar fills the bath with tiny gold shimmering particles, a fresh smell and fun moisturizing bubbles. If you prefer a bubble bath with a softer, more floral scent, go for the Pop In Bath Bubble Bar (R42 p/100g) instead, my personal favourite choice of LUSH bubbles!





If I need some moisture after my bath, like when I wash and scrub or after a bubble soak, I enjoy applying the Justine Honey Herbal Golden Glow Shimmering Body Cream 200ml (R160) or Justine’s Tissue Oil Gold 50ml (R420). The Shimmering Body Cream is a lovely thin cream that spreads easily and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin moisturized, hydrated and smelling amazing! What I love most about this cream is the subtle golden shimmer it leaves behind, nothing too sparkly! I have written about the Justine Tissue Oil Gold before. A moisturizing oil that can be used all over the body and face. I like to apply it all over my body while still wet. You can also add a couple of pumps of this in your bath for a nourishing oil soak.


..And last but not least..what is a bath without some scented candles!!! I got these Wild Olive Soy Candles 220g (R650 each) on Sale for R200 each. I have to say they are amazing! The botanical oils in these smell like true aromatherapy oils, as apposed to that strong potpourri smell most scented candles have. The scent also lasts until it is finally burned-out. For a more affordable option, I buy the aromatherapy oils I enjoy, and add 2 drops to the wick of an unscented candle each time I burn them.

I hope this post gave you that much needed inspiration to take some time out and spoil yourself with long, luxurious, nourishing and relaxing soak in the bath!!!

Until next time




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